Friday, October 23, 2009

All Hail Queen Booda Mama

Say hello to our new teacher, Booda. We found regal Booda at the pound, or I should say, she found us. She is a wise six year old yellow lab with lots of experience under her crown. Booda was the name she came with, though we have come to realize her whole name is Queen Booda Mama. She be one powerful mofo. While I miss my girl fiercely, and have never grieved so deeply, Booda was sent to us from Sadie. She is taking us along the next leg of this magical journey.

Dogs are divine gifts from God.

Of that I have no doubt.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Tree King

The day after our Sadie died, I was sitting in our car, waiting for my honey, who had a previously scheduled appointment. Not wanting to be in a public place, as I was so overwhelmed by sadness and crying at the drop of a hat, I stayed in the car. I was thinking about our girl, who normally would be keeping me company, lying in the backseat, letting me stroke her soft floppy ears. Of course, I began to cry. Soon, the crying turned into a wail. As we were parked on a public street, I tried to keep my composure, difficult as it was.

Hoping not to be noticed by passersby, I looked out the window to my right to see if anyone was walking by. Instead of seeing any people, I saw this beautiful tree on the sidewalk, next to our car. The tree was emanating such glorious healing love. I could feel its arms reaching out to embrace me. While momentarily questioning my sanity, I felt comforted and safe. As I looked closer, I saw the face of a bearded man in the tree, then his arms, and his whole body. To me, he looked like Christ on the cross. There was such kindness in his face. The tree also reminded me of Odin, the Norse King, who sacrificed an eye in return for knowledge and wisdom. In the middle of his forehead I saw the image of Buddha, and Ganesh. The tree was telling me that all divine love is the same, regardless of name. Divine love is compassion and joy for all life. The tree told me Sadie would always be around, and to feel her joy everywhere.

As Sadie was taken from us suddenly, I was not prepared for the white hot pain I experienced in losing our girl. She was my first dog, and such a gift from God. She helped me through the loss of both of my parents, and brought such joy to all who knew her. She taught me about being fully present, as that was where one experienced joy and peace. We rescued her from the pound ten years ago, but it was she who rescued me.

I am grateful for the soothing words that day from the divine Tree King. I have faith that in time, as I grieve my loss, I will appreciate the wisdom offered to me that painful day. And, with each subsequent day, as the pain releases and subsides, to be replaced instead with the knowledge that no truer words were spoken - pure love and joy is all around us, all the time, in the wag of a lab's tail, or in the memory of the comforting arms of our mother, both human and divine.