Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To the victor go the spoils

In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.
--His Holiness, the XIV Dalai Lama

I like to have Tibetan prayer flags fluttering amongst the trees outside our house. They are a set of five colorful cloth panels, one for each element, air, earth, wind, fire, and the fifth element, ether. Ether is quintessence, of which the cosmos and all celestial bodies are made. To me, ether represents love, the combination of the other four elements. It is also considered magic in its tangible form. Seeing the prayer flags from our windows, sending out their joyful prayers with the wind, is very comforting. They spread compassion and good will for all.

However, the other day I noticed the flags on the walnut tree were hanging limply down on one side, the string having been severed. We had had some windy days and I thought the wind caused the string to break. So I went out with a ladder and hammer and reconnected the line. The next day the flags were again hanging down. Not to be deterred, I went out and put in a couple more thumbtacks to secure them. Yesterday, I was looking out the living room window and saw a squirrel cutting through the string. He seemed to notice that I saw him. He looked my way for a few seconds, then shook his tail, as if in triumph. Miffed by what I perceived as an "anthropomorphic" insult, I decided to give chase after "Rocky". By the time I got outside, not only had he cut both sides of the strings, but he had absconded with four of the panels, leaving ether behind.

Today Rocky went for the flags on the other side of the house. I must give kudos to this warrior. He is one funny mofo of a teacher. And definitely well fed, as we were also cleaned out of practically every walnut by his tribe this year. We will meet again with the next crop and see who prevails. May we claim a future victory with tasty banana walnut bread (so deliciously baked by our pioneer neighbor, Ms. Cindy!).

Thus, somewhere out amongst the trees, is one really nifty vibrantly colored nest, occupied by one very feisty and proud owner. I tip my hat to you, fat boy...for now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'"
---John Keats

Friday, October 10, 2008

Being of Service is the Antidote to Fear

Happy Friday, or happy whatever day this is for you! For your health and happiness, and for the health and happiness of your loved ones, it is very important that you don't buy into the scary "hologram" of panic and mass hysteria that is being perpetuated in the media these days. Fear is not a good energy in which one ought vibrate. It's hard on the system, physically, and emotionally (which are in essence, the same). You might have been finding yourself feeling oppressed and powerless by all the negative energy that has been swirling. It almost feels palpable and all consuming. Holograms work that way. They seem so real because so many people seem to see them, which thus gives credence that they must exist. Despite the mass agreement, they are illusions. As a negative energy, fear is an illusion. The universe has no negative energy. The universe is created by pure unconditional love as its source (look at those glorious photos of the galaxy from my last blog and you will only witness joy). Do not tap into negative energies such as fear and rage. If you have, visualize removing the cord that is connected to a huge zeppelin that is hovering in the sky and feeding negativity into the hearts of those who have tapped into it. It may seem like it is everywhere we turn and it is not always an easy task to not get fooled into tapping into it again and again. Trust that you have the ability to recognize when you are tapped back in and in being able to remove yourself if you find you have spiraled back in. The key to awareness is in taking the time to stop---and to take a deep breath. Repeat as often as necessary (at least three full breaths at a minimum). Visualize tapping a cord from your whole being into unconditional love that flows from below as Mother Earth, and from above, as the Divine Universe. Notice that with each breath, you start feeling a sense of peace. Become aware of being truly in the moment, and in your body, as that represents all that you are, and all that you truly represent. Wherever you go, there you are. Feel good being your body. Act like you are a happy dog that walks around wagging his or her tail. (I just love watching Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Millan show clients what a happy dog looks like by channeling his own inner dog. It is the cutest thing going!) Smile if you see a stranger passing by. Smile at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Tap into the joy of the universe, and fill your body with happiness. The energy of the universe is all around you in abundance, and is free. Trust that the universe provides everything you need, and in return, all that is asked is that you smile, spread joy, and be of service. Being of service starts with being of service to yourself (this initial piece is crucial, and encompasses the aforementioned breathing steps, being gentle with yourself, embracing forgiveness of self and repeating as necessary), then, in accordance with the fundamental laws of energy and transfiguration, you will find yourself transforming into a beacon of light for others. And, voila! This automatically results in you being of service to others in whatever form it takes. And regardless of form, you get to experience what it feels like to be the richest person on the planet. And, you will be. One need not live a lavish lifestyle to lead a rich life. Go hug a tree, pet a dog, and enjoy the glorious fall day.

Sending prayers of light and love for His Holiness, the XIVth Dalai Lama, for a swift recovery.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feel the Magic - Be the Magic

A friend sent me these pics of the galaxy taken from the Hubble Telescope. The universe is so unbelievable and awe inspiring. It is perfect magical and divine energy and it is there to be accessed by anyone. Too many people are thinking small these days and ending up feeling lacking in their lives. They need only look around and see how enormous our universe is and how much magic there is to go around. Bring it in by breathing the images inside and becoming one with the energy. Just like these breathtaking images, by becoming this wondrous mass of light, the journey divine is destined to be filled with boundless joy, and unlimited happiness. Breathe deeply and smile brightly, knowing you are emanating some powerful, loving mojo.