Monday, May 26, 2008

Loaves and Fishes

It has been a bad season for fishing. My neighbor, Loren, and his brother, Renay, have gone out in their boat a handful of times this year to fish for sturgeon. Each time they have come up with bupkus. However, one time they did catch a couple, but unfortunately the fish weren't long enough to be legal, so they had to throw them back. Well, yesterday they came home beaming. Cindy, Loren's wife, knocked excitedly on our door for us to come out and see what they had brought. Lo, and behold, two huge sturgeon were in the boat. Apparently, they had caught eight total, but only two surpassed the length limitation. When we got outside, Loren was crowing about his luck as a result of wearing his "Dalai Lama Line" blessing cord. I had given him one last week, after my return from Dharamsala. During our audience with His Holiness, he blessed the special cords we had brought with us. We had purchased them from this very sweet young Tibetan girl, who was selling them just outside His Holiness' residence. Blessing cords are worn either around the neck, or tied on the wrist. They keep those who wear them protected. The wearer also receives a healing from the Dalai Lama, in that one can sense a vibration of joy and happiness emanating from them. It is easy to match the vibration and allow it to be felt from head to toe. (And, as an aside, Loren's golf game also improved last week as well!) Tonight we are invited to a fish fry. We'll break out the "two buck chuck", and give thanks to those sturgeon, and to His Holiness. We are very lucky indeed. All is good.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

From the Source

Jane's co-worker, Dave, was the one who sent the beautiful picture of Mother Earth. He was sent several more, but still doesn't know from where they came. One can only happily assume they are from the source, and meant to be shared. To me, the source is unconditional love from the Mother. I wanted to publish one more, and, alongside it, a plaque that is in front of the Nechung monastery in Dharamsala, India, the home of the Oracle of Tibet. If you double click on the plaque, it opens up larger so it is easier to read. To me, both images convey the same message. Thank you, Dave.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother Earth

There is so much floating in my head that I want to write about, but my fingers don't move as fast. Fortunately, there are images I can post that convey so much of what I want to say. My friend, Jane, sent me this image in an email. I immediately took to it, and asked her where she got it. She asked her friend, who said he didn't know either, so I want to thank whomever created this image, and please contact me if you don't want it posted, or merely want credit. We only have one Mother Earth, and it is important that we protect her and love her. I thought of a new phrase yesterday, "Think galactically, act locally." There is no reason to think why the energy of the planet is not connected with the galaxy as a whole. The irises are in bloom, and it's another beautiful day in the Milky Way.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Never Give Up

"No matter what is going on, never give up.

Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
is spent developing the mind,
instead of the mind,
Develop the heart.

Be compassionate
not just to your friends
but to everyone.
Be compassionate.

Work for peace
in your heart and in the world
work for peace

and I say again

Never give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on
around you

Never give up."

H.H. The XIV Dalai Lama

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Still floating along from my trip to see His Holiness in Dharamsala. Many feelings and thoughts, all wonderful. Being around his energy is like being held in the arms of Mother Earth. The town of Dharamsala truly is Shangri-la. Fifty years of his love has soaked into the soil, in combination with the soil emanating fifty years of healing energy to those who seek enlightenment in Dharamsala. The Dalai Lama has brought Tibet to India. For that reason, I titled this entry, wherever you go, there you are. He teaches us to bring compassion for others, always, including those in China who are pissy, without judgment. If you have anger toward others, it only hurts the one carrying the anger. Dogs know about this. Dharamsala is protected and ruled by dogs. I was so thrilled to experience their howling in unison at night, protecting all who come to experience compassion and light. Dogs have so much to teach us. He may be a simple monk, but His Holiness is no fool when it comes to man's best friend. More on the journey, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Here are some pictures of the Tibetan prayer flags that hang everywhere, sending out their prayers for peace.