Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Food is Love

World, meet Wylan. This is my friend Peggy's little baby. She gave me a copy of this yesterday and I said I had to post it on my blog. Wylan is one very nurtured boy. His mother must spend what seems like 18 hours a day with Wy wrapped to her chest. He gets to soak in her loving smiles, while also being comforted by the constant beating of her heart. She takes him on walks in our neighborhood with his huge galumph of a dog, fittingly named Hoss. Sometimes, I also see Wy's daddy walking Hoss, carrying Wy in that "front loading" papoose. There is nothing cuter than seeing a young father carrying his baby that way. Wy's dad is a chef. He gets fed with all kinds of love, both edible and intangible. Everyone deserves to get loved as much as Wy. Why not?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

NEO is an anagram for the ONE

I love the Wachowski brothers. The two of them make up one of the most amazingly creative partnerships. Nothing touches the Matrix. That story hits spot on for many of the laws of energy that exist. Having Neo learn how to bend with energy is simply genius. He "unplugs" from a negative hologram and has to learn how to tap into his own power, fed by the pure and unconditional love of his partner. All spirits thrive on unconditional love. Anything less is toxic. Back to these brothers, Andy and Larry. They have come together like a double helix, complementing one another as they create perfect stories. I am posting the spread I drew for them as it relates to their creative journey. I am also quite pleased about my new digital camera. The spread looks way better than the earlier ones. For the brothers I thought it would be appropriate to use my Shakespeare tarot deck. I put them in the same category as the Bard in their ability to weave tales that tap into our psyche. As Will would say, "what is past, is prologue", my sense is much of the Wachowski brothers' creativity arises from the primordial ooze of their family of origin. While that is always the case, it is a worthy restatement.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kate Tunstall

And now for Kate "KT" Tunstall's reading (see spread in the February 15th posting). Much like Alicia Keys, Kate is a singer who has found success at an early age. Both have very distinct styles, though Kate's unique style seems to really set her apart from cohorts of a similar age. But, to her reading - lots of pentacles in the spread. The first card of her spread is the Six of Pentacles. It is crossed by the Eight of Pentacles. She has an enormous wellspring of creativity from which she can tap into, and which will only get more accessible to her as she grows and matures. Money is not an issue for her. She is not trapped by it and therefore will always be prosperous. Above her is the Ten of Pentacles. This tells me she is starting a new chapter of projects - with the number Ten, she is working with the One (new beginnings) followed by a Zero, which is a magical number that gives the One a bolstering of "pizazz". Kate has paid her dues, and is opening herself to new musical collaborations, based on years of training and being tossed on her butt, and getting up with a smile on her face. Below her is the Four of Cups. This journey she has had to do on her own, behind the limelight of her growing fame and success. Behind her is the King of Cups. This is a key card in Kate's spread. This was the emotional chapter (one of many to come) where she got in touch with being adopted and worked through her feelings towards her birth parents and adopted parents. This work of hers led her to the near future card, the Three of Cups. This is the card of relationship. Finding her soul mate, and making a commitment, adds a whole new dynamic and will bring her to not only a deeper level, but an added dimension. Similar to Neo, in the Matrix, as one taps into the energy field and learns, through practice, to get behind the constructs that keep people from seeing added dimensions, one has access to greater powers and the ability to create with less effort. Creativity becomes limitless, and the individual also vibrates more in sync with the universe, thus bringing more people to his or her work. Kate's best work lies ahead. The six card in the spread is the King of Pentacles. This still relates to her growing success and more people finding out about her music, increasing her popularity and thus prosperity. The seven card is how she is perceived by friends and family. Her card is from the major arcana, the card of Temptation (XV). Those who are close to her see her strength as an individual, separate from her work. However, for Kate, her work is also a strong organism unto itself. Even if she had never written a single song, she would still be perceived as a powerful, attractive force as she made her way through her world. Kate is a mover and shaker. She is well respected, and has few enemies, as her values are very clear, and she is a woman of her word. Her "hopes and fears" card, the ninth in the spread, is the card of the Lover (VI). While a "wee" bit fearful of marriage, the sea change that will happen will result in a major up swelling for her. Yes, she will be thrown back on her butt again, and again, but this time it will be different. Like a coat of many colors, the tapestry that is Kate's work, and her journey, will grow as each color gets more and more brilliant as a result of the union with her partner. The outcome card, the Ten of Cups, tells me that she will take her newfound emotions and blast through to an even richer level of creative expression. Not only will there be more "Suddenly I See" moments, but there will be more "Suddenly I Feel" and "Suddenly I Hear" outpourings.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dogs are angels from above

I'll get to writing about the tarot spread, but it is Sunday and I would rather just write a few sentences about our dog Sadie. A friend had to put down her dog this weekend. I cannot imagine what I will go through when our Sadie leaves to doggie Heaven. She is my healer and teacher. She teaches me so much about unconditional love, patience, and about living in the moment. Everyone should be so lucky as to get to be the caretaker of an older dog. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, said he missed his dog, who he had to leave behind, when he was forced to flee Tibet. I think it was in an interview with Barbara Walters where he said if one led a good life one could come back in the next one as a dog. Works for me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Suddenly I See

I love KT Tunstall's music. A friend sent me a youtube of her singing "Black Horse and Cherry Tree". Immediately, both Maureen and I were moving to the song's amazing rhythm. KT is such an incredible spirit. I am very excited to interpret the tarot spread on her. Here is the pic of it. The reading will follow up in a few days. My new digital camera arrived, so this will be the last of the yucky quality pics.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Always Daddy's Girl

Ok, so a few days have passed since our mystery celebrity had her meltdown. This is the reading I had on her spread. I think it's really cool to see that we can see a little movement in the direction Britney was searching for - that of being taken care of by her father. But, I am getting ahead of myself...This is my interpretation of the spread on Britney Spears from last week.
Yep, the tarot spread I previously posted (please excuse the quality of the photo, it will improve when I update to a better digital camera) was on Britney Spears. She is all over the tabloids for being put away and labeled as a nut job suffering from bi-polar disorder. Britney Spears is not bi-polar. What she wants to do is go back into the fetal position because she wants her parents to get back together. Their divorce five years ago started her on her tailspin, which has been chronicled daily in the tabloids. Like any child of divorce, bringing them together is what she wants. In order to achieve that state of denial, she is recreating a return to the helpless, fetal state. Right now she is at UCLA Medical Center's psych ward. Her emergency intervention has forced her parents to get together to say “Hey we need to take care of her again”. So they are trying to get Sam Lufti from having control of her money, and thus are pushing for legal custody. This is actually what Britney subconsciously desires. She wants to go back to the state of just being a baby. With her parents together, they could look out for her. Ultimately, everybody just wants to have safety and feel really good in the nest. No money can buy that feeling. As the saying goes, it is never too late to have a happy childhood. But, in order to rewind the clock, energetic healing work must be done.
Being rich is not going to matter if you do not have that feeling of being loved by parents in the womb. Britney is on an emotional journey. She is just hitting her Saturn return (age 27, 28) which causes really big shifts in ones journey. She just needs to be near and comforted and taken care of by someone who loves her. She is trying to get to that core, so as to release the pain surrounding that wounded area. Britney is seeking an energetic rebirth.
Money is being used as her weapon. She is being surrounded by people who are pulling at her. All she wants to do is be an earth momma. She wants to be there with her babies, and in a loving adult partnership. Since she cannot have that mother/child experience, she desires to return to her own womb issues. This is why her parents are now to collecting her and wanting to send her back to Louisiana, where she grew up in the safety of her home. There hopefully she will be able to work on her issues and not be a victim of circumstances and not have her emotions components around her and just made her want to go crazy. A person has a dynamic of money and love and how money is a commodity in a relationship. This is an endemic problem in America. Freud would say a child’s first needs are breast milk and being held, and that money is not a primal need. When money starts coming in, it gets mixed in with love and eventually becomes a bargaining tool and can seriously fuck up relationships. Her recovery requires her to feel unconditional love from her parents. Somewhere along the way, she felt she did not get that, and over time her erratic destructive behavior has reflected this lack of feeling loved unconditionally. She needs to work on tapping into the love that is inside her. All parents love their children unconditionally. The knowledge of that gets corrupted by toxic feelings that the parent may bring to the equation, and the child picks up on them and incorporates the parents crap into what is a pure connection. Britney’s parents have much work to do on themselves as well.
So, rather than experiencing healthy relationship as an adult, Britney is trying to replicate the toxic connection rather than the purely unconditional love connection that is at the core of the parent/child bond. Over time, the toxic dynamic she keeps recreating, the emotional toll on her body has evidenced itself as a chemical toxicity. Thus, it appears she has a chemical imbalance that needs to be corrected with medication. That would only accomplish the result of masking the symptoms and does nothing to help her heal the core issue. It is a catch-22, and will only get exacerbated if treated as a bi-polar. She really needs to focus on embracing a healthy, holistic healing process. She is spiraling downward from there. Fast food is also not helping. She needs some homemade food by someone she knows, and knows that the person who made it for her has absolute love for her. She needs to go home and if mom is the one who is going to be the one she knows who will give her love then that is an essential piece of her healing journey . Britney also has a long way to go in healing the father –daughter dynamic. I think in everybody’s lifetime, in order to move forward, it requires us to work through our childhood pains. Shakespeare said, what is past is prologue. We move forward by looking back. We all experience the same journey. Much like the major arcana (the first 21 cards of the tarot), the journey has unwavering demarcations along the way, stages we all must pass through. This is why some movies become classics. Their themes capture the journey, which vibrates within us and taps into our very core. Movies such the Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and the Matrix, like enduring fables, are certain stories that tap into that universal core that we all have wired inside us. We all need to go through that process, that journey. The more we know about ourselves the happier we are with ourselves, and toward others. The happier we are, the more balanced we are. Which brings me back to Britney.
Britney is not bi-polar. She is merely out of positive balance. Sometimes one can be so out of balance that he or she can only feel in balance when in an illusory negative state of balance. Then, as is typical of addicts, she wants to keep recreating the chaos because that feels like balance. Our body always moves in a state of balance, whether positive or negative. A positive balance occurs when our energy is lighter throughout our system (think of an infinity sign). The lighter our energy is, the happier is the spirit. Our body is our spirit. She just needs to release the toxic buildup in her body. There needs to be a spiritual colonic of negative energy. (Since I did her reading a few days ago, all the news outlets keep heralding her hatred toward her father, even though this is exactly what she is trying to create so as to heal the father/daughter bond.)
Like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, I eventually see Britney Spears and Kevin Federline getting back together. They are meant for each other. Take away all the crap and toxic influences in their environment, which will require a great deal of toxic release, but with lots of work but they will see progress. Any work they do together will benefit each individually, whether they reconcile, or move toward creating new and healthy partnerships.
Oops, she did it again...and she will do it again and again until she gets it right. And by right, I mean being in this world in a happy state of being, a balanced state of being.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The new Queen of Soul

Ok, so I decided to wait on revealing the celebrity who is going through major Sturm und Drang, to post a spread on someone who is having a different journey. I am very impressed with what I have seen from Alicia Keys. I was blown away watching her interact with Ruby Dee on the Sundance series, "Iconoclasts". She is one powerful mofo, and I wanted to do a spread on her. I await a new digital camera that I ordered last week, so the visual is not yet up to snuff. The spreads in the future will be prettier!

From what I saw, the beautiful singer and actress, Aaliyah, was going to be the next Queen of Soul, but died tragically at a young age. The pain in this life was too much for her. Enter Alicia Augello-Cook, the transcendent Ms. Alicia Keys. She has been handed the baton, and will take words and music to the next level, bringing along many souls with her. She is the new Queen of Soul. Swords are words. Always a double edge – a softness and yet sharp pain together. They say words can cut like a knife. Alicia’s father/daughter dynamic causes her much pain. But, she has taken that pain, universal for many from broken families, and channeled it into her poetry, which is why she attracts such a huge fan base. Her poetry is like her music. All music is vibration. She personifies music. You can see it in her body movement as well – the way she tips her head and waves her arms as she speaks. From her spread, this is what I see as her journey…

With the Ace of Cups in her near future, I see much of the creative work she has done thus far will bring her to some answers that only she can discover. These answers, or truths, will help her find some peace with the anger that she has been holding onto in relation to her father. A thick layer of that anger was, energetically, “sympathy” rage that she felt on behalf of her mother. Being an "empath", which means she is able to match the energy of those she is close to, and thus being a healer in her own right, Alicia has taken on her mother’s battle/journey toward her own healing about her relationship with Alicia’s father. As Alicia gets stronger, and continues to channel the anger into creative expressions, the lighter she will feel, and the more of a lightning rod she will become for her fans. For now she is on a solo journey, and this is precisely where she needs to be. As she approaches her Saturn return, she will be ready for the new chapters in her life, which include partnership and motherhood (whether bearing her own children, or through adoption). She is a strong Earth Mother figure. People gravitate to her, and are healed by being in her presence, hearing her music, or reading her words. She is a combination of Aretha Franklin and Maya Angelou. For now she is gaining her strength and resolving her inner battles before rising to the next level of power and radiance. Her outcome card is the Queen of Swords. Swords are words, the provenance of Mercury, the communicator. It is Alicia’s journey to acknowledge the power of her strong mother, to then release the pain of her mother's that is not hers, and then to re-embrace the power passed down to her from her mother. It is every girl’s journey to separate from her mother in order to return to the very legacy that is carried down from her mother. It is Alicia’s birthright to be powerful and unwavering, a beacon of truth set to a very catchy, and comforting beat.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Serenity Prayer

Goddess, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and, the wisdom to know the difference. I sometimes forget what a wonderful prayer that is. It is so simple and yet goes to the very core of our being. Don't happy!

Celebrity Tarot Readings

My friend Rebekah asked if I could do a tarot reading on a particular celebrity, even if he or she wasn't present for the reading. I said absolutely. It got me thinking, and I've decided it would be fun to do a spread on a celebrity and post the results. The pictures of the spread aren't going to be the greatest quality, but hopefully you will get the picture! As a disclaimer, the readings are merely my interpretation, and nothing more. And, as that wonderfully warped cartoonist, Gahan Wilson, once wrote, "I paint what I see". I will post the first one in a few days. As a tickler, I am posting a pic of the first spread. When I post the reading, I will disclose the name of the celebrity. I will tell you this, she is seeking a rebirth and doing it quite demonstrably in the public eye.